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Nơi học: National Enocomics University (National Enocomics University)

Thời gian: 08/2007 template.den 08/2011

- Major: Accounting.
- GPA: 8.2/10.
- Get award in Science Research in 2013, NEU.

Microsoft Office, Accounting Software

English skill

Analytical skill, logical thought.

Work independently and team-working, carefulness.

Tên công ty: Welcron Global Vina JSC

Vị trí công việc: Receivable and Payable Accountant

Thời gian: 04/2016 template.den 12/2016

- Receiving and checking the legal payment requests from departments.

- Handle all cash and bank transactions including paying for oversea and local suppliers, staff advances.

- Checking the input and output VAT monthly.

- Issue red invoice and follow up the customer payment, remind to Sales Team about overdue debts and forward the Sales report for manager weekly.

- Manage all works related to Fixed assets, including: following and depreciating fixed assets, procedure for liquidating assets, allocating tools cost monthly.

Tên công ty: Lac Viet Computing Corporation

Vị trí công việc: Payable Accountant

Thời gian: 06/2013 template.den 02/2016

- Handle all cash transactions including all invoices to be paid by cash such as paying for the suppliers, staff advances and other payments.
- Following up advance balance of staffs, ussually remind them to reimbursement on time.
- Responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the accounting of company’s expenses in the general ledger.
- Handle reports about advance balance of staffs, supplier payments, managed accounts for Chief Accountant monthly.

Tên công ty: Region Industries Co., Ltd

Vị trí công việc: Accountant Staff

Thời gian: 04/2012 template.den 05/2013

- Making payment voucher, checking, following up and paying all debts for the suppliers.
- Making payment plan for the suppliers based on the cash balance in company and bank account to present board of managers for signature.
- Recording account book for the payment voucher by cash, making documents to reimburse petty cash, checking fund in weekly and monthly to support for buying goods in time.
- Issuing VAT invoices for customers, recording turn-over for sales, following debt and suggesting customers for payment, making sale report daily.

Tên công ty: Công ty Google

Tên dự án: Dự án kính thực tế ảo VR

Vị trí công việc: Lập trình viên

Thời gian: 06/2006 template.den 08/2008

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Tên công ty: Công ty VnCareer

Tên dự án: Dự án nhà kính thông minh

Vị trí công việc: Thiết kế

Thời gian: 06/2006 template.den 08/2008

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